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Interim report January 1 – March 31, 2011

Odd Molly International AB (publ)
Stockholm, Sweden, April 14, 2011


January 1 - March 31, 2011

  • Net sales amounted to SEK 121.2 million (150.5)
  • The gross profit margin rose to 56.5 percent (55.6)
  • Operating profit amounted to SEK 23.5 million (31.8), corresponding to an operating margin of 19.4 percent (21.1)
  • Net profit amounted to SEK 16.0 million (22.7). The net margin was 13.2 percent (15.1)
  • Earnings per share amounted to SEK 2.79 (3.94)

Events after the report period

  • In April Odd Molly reported an order value for fall/winter 2011 of SEK 140 million, compared with SEK 175 million for the same period of 2010.

Comment from the CEO

The outcome for the first quarter was in line with expectations after the previously announced order figures for the spring. Sales amounted to SEK 121 million, compared to approximately SEK 150 million previous year. The large part of our spring merchandise was shipped and invoiced during the quarter, but compared with the same season last year a relatively bigger amount of the spring merchandise will be delivered in quarter two. In addition to sales in our own stores, the second quarter will include invoicing of the final summer merchandise and a pre-fall shipment in June, where the order value is SEK 16 million. Because of the seasonality of Odd Molly’s operations, sales fluctuate greatly during the year, while some expenses are less variable.

Despite higher purchasing prices, the gross profit margin was slightly stronger during the first quarter compared with last year, which is largely due to exchange rate effects. More stores and a stronger organization meant higher operating expenses than in 2010, which consequently affects earnings. The operating margin for the first quarter was 19.4 percent, compared with 21.1 percent for the same period last year.

Last week we summed up sales of the fall/winter 2011 collection with an order value of approximately SEK 140 million (175), which is about 20 percent lower than a year ago and 15 percent lower when adjusted for negative exchange rate effects. A generally weak clothing market in several of our key markets during the past season, combined with weaker sales momentum for Odd Molly’s previous fall collection, has made buyers more cautious and thus affected orders.

As we have previously mentioned, we have taken a number of measures to adjust the price mix, optimize our collections and strengthen sales efforts. During the summer Odd Molly plans to open a web shop to meet demand from many customers and display a representative product selection in an attractive environment. Further changes are being evaluated, with an emphasis on cost reviews and better product and sales control. The effects are expected to be felt gradually, but we are working intensely to strengthen our opportunities for profitable future growth.

Christina Tillman, President and CEO

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