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Odd Molly approved for listing on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm


Stockholm, June 10, 2010

NASDAQ OMX Stockholm’s Listing Committee has approved Odd Molly International AB (publ) for a listing on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm’s Small Cap list, where the first day for trading in the share will be June 21, 2010.

This press release may not be published or distributed in any country where its release, publication or distribution requires measures other than those stipulated by Swedish law or violates applicable regulations.

This means that trading in the Odd Molly share will move from the NASDAQ OMX First North marketplace ("First North") to NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. The first trading day is June 21, 2010. The listing of Odd Molly’s shares on First North will thereby cease. The last day for trading on First North is June 18, 2010. No measures are required on the part of the company's shareholders in connection with the listing on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. The share will be traded under the same ticker symbol, ODD. 

"It is very gratifying that Odd Molly has been approved for a listing on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. Since our listing on First North in June 2007, we have built up and developed an organization that is well-prepared to meet the requirements of the new listing, which will help us to broaden our investor base and increase liquidity in the share, and at the same time means greater recognition for the company," said Chairman of the Board Christer Andersson.

A prospectus is available on the company's website, ( The prospectus includes a revised operating margin goal that has not previously been made public. The previous profitability goal was to guarantee an operating margin (EBIT) well above ten percent over the business cycle. Odd Molly’s current financial goals are as follows:

Revenue growth
The goal is to grow sales by an annual average of 20 percent in coming years.

Operating margin
Odd Molly’s goal is to ensure an operating margin (EBIT) of at least 12 percent.

The equity/assets ratio will be at least 40 percent over time.

Moreover, Odd Molly’s Board of Directors has formulated a new dividend policy:

The Board of Directors’ goal is to annually propose that the Annual General Meeting approve a dividend to the shareholders corresponding to at least 40 percent of the company’s profit. Before such a proposal is submitted, the Board of Directors will consider whether the company is able to pay a dividend of this size. In its deliberations the Board of Directors will consider several factors, including the company's operations, operating profit and financial position, current and anticipated liquidity needs, expansion plans and other important factors.

Odd Molly has hired Swedbank Markets as its financial advisor and Gernandt & Danielsson Advokatbyrå KB as its legal advisor in connection with the listing process.

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