About us


Odd Molly was founded as a tribute to a skater girl in Venice Beach in the 80s called Molly. Molly took her own path in life, broke with convention and followed her dreams. Since the very start, we at Odd Molly have aimed to inspire others to dare to do the same.

Odd Molly was recently rated as number 1 on Allbright's prestigious list of gender-equal companies for 2015. With Odd Project, we are taking a further step towards helping girls fulfill their dreams while, at the same time, paving the way for more female role models in the world.

Today, Odd Molly's products are sold in countries all around the world, with collections that include everything from clothing to home furnishings. The award-winning design has been praised for its quality, colours and patterns, its use of natural materials, and the many hand-crafted details. Regardless of who you are and where you are headed, we would like to give you the freedom to feel like your very best.

Odd Molly will always be inspired by and fight for more Mollies in the world.