Odd Molly Club

We are upgrading your membership! Stay tuned...

A new and improved Odd Molly Club!

There are now even more reasons to be a member of the Odd Molly Club. Here are the details about our new and improved member benefits.

We have a new reward system. Just like before you’ll earn points with every purchase, but now it’s even better! You’ll earn points when you make a purchase, leave a review, follow us on Instagram or refer your friends.

From now on, you can also level up to silver and gold membership depending on how much you spend. When you level up, you’ll get even more benefits and earn more points. The more Odd Molly you add to your life, the more you get back from us!

You won’t be able to see old bonus cheques, but you can still apply them in the checkout as usual! You’ll be able to see your current point status in your account. To redeem your bonus cheques for June and in the future, you just apply your points at the checkout for a discount.

It will be ready for you in a few hours! Thanks for your patience.

Odd Molly


2-5 day delivery

2-5 day delivery