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Our ambition is to provide investors and other stakeholders with relevant information about Odd Molly

Business Model

The most important factors behind Odd Molly’s success and future development are creative design and innovative, long-term branding, which are supported by a simple business model that, by design, facilitates further expansion with limited capital requirements and minimal risk of obsolete inventory. The business model also allows Odd Molly to better plan its resources, since it knows in all likelihood how high its sales will be a half year before it ships the merchandise.

The business model is based on Odd Molly selling its products primarily through outside retailers. Odd Molly has chosen to work with agents with big knowledge about the local market. In that way Odd Molly can reach a great mix of retailers, with the right profile and brands, without the need of a great capital investment. The agent, or in some cases the distributor, has the right to sell Odd Molly’s assortment on a limited geographical area.