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Insentive Programs

At an extraordinary general meeting in Odd Molly International AB (the ”Company”), held on 24 February 2016, it was resolved to issue not more than 300,000 warrants and to approve the transfer of such warrants. By way of derogation from the shareholders' pre-emption rights, the Company's wholly-owned subsidiary, Odd Molly Sverige AB (the “Subsidiary”), was entitled to subscribe for the warrants, with a right and obligation for the Subsidiary to transfer the warrants to certain senior officers of the Company.

Each warrant entitles the holder to subscribe for one (1) new share in the Company during the period commencing 1 January 2019 up to and including 31 January 2019. The subscription price shall be an amount corresponding to 120 percent of the quoted volumeweighted average transaction price for a share in the Company on Nasdaq Stockholm during the period commencing 10 February 2016 up to and including 23 February 2016 (rounded off to the nearest whole krona). The subscription price may not be set at an amount which is less than the share's quota value.

The newly subscribed shares entitle the holders to participate in dividends for the first time on the record date that occurs immediately following the subscription.

The Board of Directors has determined that it would be beneficial to the Company and its shareholders if senior executives of the Company participate in the group’s growth by being offered the opportunity to acquire warrants through an incentive programme. Personal, long-term owner involvement by the persons entitled to subscribe for warrants is expected to stimulate increased interest in the business and the growth of profits, as well as increase motivation and a sense of belonging with the Company.