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Christmas is just around the corner, and we have gathered all the inspiration you need to make December magical. Together with the Swedish illustrator Sara N Bergman, we have created inspiration for elegant DIY Christmas decorations, the best gift-wrapping ideas, and — of course — holiday outfits.
Sara N Bergman's modern Christmas style is perfect when you want a festive yet stylish home — ready for celebrations. Make her paper Christmas stars, cones to hang on the Christmas tree, and an elegant wreath to decorate any part of your home.
What is Christmas without the perfect Christmas dress? At Odd Molly, we have many types of dresses to wear for Christmas Eve. Get inspired by Sara N Bergman's relaxed bohemian style with a long embroidered dress. Or why not choose a soft velour dress? Both comfortable and chic!
Don't forget a warm coat for your December walks in the snow. Our long wool coat will keep you warm, and the teddy coat is a cozy favorite.
As always, we will have our Christmas Sale in December, where you can find Christmas gifts for women. Stay tuned to not miss out on any great offers!


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2-5 day delivery