Spring Knits

Amazing styles with Odd little details such as hand crochet buttons, frills and decorative stitches.

Cables, chunky and fine - we just love them!

Discover all our amazing styles with Odd little details such as hand crochet buttons, frills, decorative stitches, and ribbons. What’s your new favorite?

The finest and softest yarn you can find, that’s cashmere
A super fine material, that you can literally sleep in it. The fibers come from a goat, and if it’s fine enough it’s classified as cashmere. It takes wool from two goats to make one single cardigan.

How do you best care for cashmere?
Try not to wash cashmere as often as other garments. Just air it out! Only use detergents adjusted for wool, normal detergent includes enzymes that sort of eat the wool fiber that eventually will destroy the garment. Cashmere pills, those small irritating balls, always occur as it’s in the nature of the fiber. But just get a cashmere comb, and brush of the pills and your cashmere piece is as new!

Some good styling inspiration for wearing knits?
Firstly, be brave and dare to be odd! We love to combine colors, patterns, and textures. Just imagine a printed dress and the Elizabeth Cardigan on top – it’s a perfect match!

Another thing is that lots of our knits have thoughtful little details which adds extra punch to your look. Just look at the knits in matte finished that has those blingy buttons, we’re in love with that combo!

How do you care for knits in general?
As with cashmere, same goes with other knit styles - don’t wash them too often. If you do, you can machine wash with hand wash program. Dry flat and don’t wring them.

Where is Odd Molly knitwear produced?
We have long and great relationships with our factories, which are in Morocco, India, and China. With a long history of craftsmanship in knitting – we dare to say China is experts in knitting!

Embroidery on knitwear can be a nightmare, so the high skilled people embroidering in our factories are called artists and we’re so thankful for how beautifully they can transform a knit!” – Kristin Roos, Head of Production

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2-5 day delivery