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March 7, 2017


July 3, 2016

We are super proud to announce this collaboration where we teamed up with the creative @aliencreature. With her colorful hair and workspace, she manifests that anyone can create and everyone can inspire other people to be creative. Now, @aliencreature has made a limited edition drawing pad for you to go bananas and discover your own artistic personality with.

Watch the interview with @aliencreature below.


March 13, 2016

We are now launching Odd Molly's first shoe collection. Made in cotton canvas with embroideries and printed patterns, our espadrilles are a must-have this season! Choose between platform sandals or flats. The soles are braided in hemp and fits perfectly with all the summer excursions.

In Odd Molly everything is possible! We are super happy to announce that we are collaborating with the talented and amazing dancer and fashion blogger Minna Somero when releasing the collection. Watch her dance in our brand new shoes here!

Odd Molly - LA guide

February 8, 2016

To celebrate the launch of our new denim line, we teamed up with some of the most inspiring girls out there, who all have a special liking for the city of angels. Meet Eddie, an LA based blogger, model and health entrepreneur. The amazingly talented singer songwriter Awa. And Elsa, one of Sweden´s most appreciated life style bloggers, who dreams of becoming a full time artist. Together with lead singer Jennifer from the rock band “Bloke & Bird”, they reveal their favourite sweet spots in LA, for you to enjoy. Dressed in denim, they went up into Hollywood Hills, out to Venice Beach and everywhere in between. LA was all about amazing food, great music and making the best out of every day, in a city full of opportunities!

Venice Beach

A cultural hub known for its eccentricities, musicians, street performers, beautiful beach walk and famous pier. One thing is for sure, at Venice Beach, you never get bored. If you like seafood, Bubba Shrimp is a must!

“I absolutely fell in love with the vibe of the city!” – Awa Santesson-Sey

1800 Ocean Front Walk, Venice Beach, 90291

Los Feliz

An area full of vintage shops, book stores and amazing people watching. Don't miss out on the eggs benedict over at the iconic 1930's style restaurant "Figaro Bistrot".

“LA has let me be who I want to be. It lets you try out different things, be creative and feel free!” – Jennifer Åkerman

1802 N.Vermont Ave. Los Angeles, 90027

Juice served here

Wake up, sun is shining and the juice is freshly pressed. This juice society is what happened over breakfast one day, when Alex met Greg, and fashion met health, and they hit it off, spectacularly.

“I believe a healthy life is to try and aim for feeling good and nourishing your body the best way you can – eat organic and clean, exercise regularly, laugh and have a positive mind set.” – Eddie Mitsou Pettersson

8366 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, 90048

Abbot Kinney

From unique art galleries to organic coffee shops, Abbot Kinney Boulevard has it all. Gjusta Bakery offers an organic brunch from heaven and the best coffee in town. A historic destination that is writing a new history.

“I’m very spontaneous and LA is a city where there is always things happening, which suits me perfectly.” – Elsa Ekman

320 Sunset Avenue, Venice Beach, 90291

Hollywood Hills

Find your way up to Griffith Observatory Park, take a deep breath and let your gaze sweep over a city that never sleeps.

Fly high, dream big!

2800 E Observatory Rd, Los Angeles, 90027

Thank you Eddie, Elsa, Awa and Jennifer for making this LA guide with us, you are all stars in your own shining way and truly inspiring in everything you do!

#oddmolly #oddmollyxla

Eddie Mitsou Pettersson - www.eddiemitsou.com /@eddiemitsou
Elsa Ekman - www.elsaekman.se / @elsaekman
Awa Santesson-Sey - www.awasey.se /@awasantessonsey
Jennifer Åkerman - www.jenniferakerman.metromode.se / @jjakerman

Photo: Emma Elwin

LA's sweet spots

Gjusta Bakery - www.gjusta.com
Joan's on Third - www.joansonthird.com
Figaro Bistrot - www.figarobistrot.com
Venice Beach bicycle - www.jaysrentalsvb.com
Griffith Observatory - www.griffithobservatory.org
Squares ville Vintage - www.squaresvillevintage.com
Skylight Books - www.skylightbooks.com
Urth Caffé - www.urthcaffe.com
Café Stella - www.cafestella.com
Gracias Madre – www.graciasmadreweho.com
Cecconis - www.cecconiswesthollywood.com
Sunset Junction Coffee Shop - www.sunsetjunctioncoffeeshop.com
Grand Central Market – www.eggslut.com


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Tribute to @krickelin

Kristin Lagerqvist is a freelance photographer located in Varberg, Sweden, and the person behind the lovely blog and Instagram account @krickelin. Kristin did a takeover of our Instagram account for a few days and shares some inspirational images from her week. Please see the photos and read more about Kristin below. For more inspiration, have a look at her blog: http://www.lovelylife.se/krickelin/

How did you find your own interior style?

It came along the way and it changes all the time. I have always been creative. And I don’t want to put a fortune into interior pieces or have the exact same home as anyone else. I’ve been quite impulsive in my home for several years. Now I try to be more thoughtful about what I consume, thinking of the environment. Vintage is great.

What makes your heart bounce at flea markets?

Right now I’m longing to find a big oil painting. I know the theme when it hits me.

Tell us about your most precious item in your house?

I don’t really have one. The people that live here are the most precious to me. But if I have to say something, it has to be my collection of geraniums or the chairs around the dining table.

What is the most fun about sharing your experiences on your blog and Instagram?

The communities are awesome. I found so many friends and so much cooperation here. Everyone is so friendly and I find tons of inspiration on blogs and instagram each and every day.

What can we expect from your Odd Molly Instagram take over the next couple of days?

Oh, I try to show you a bit of my everyday life, living on the west coast of Sweden this time of year. It’s cold, beautiful and calming. Hang around; I hope you will find some inspiration to fill up your day!

Tribute to @weare365

Thilda & Mira, the lovely sisters behind the colorful and inspiring travel blog ”Weare365” are taking over our Instagram for three days. Get a glimpse of their everyday adventure at @oddmolly starting today! And don´t forget to check out their blog – www.weare365.com

What has been the most amazing place to visit during your travels around the world and why?

Oh, we have been visiting so many amazing places. We love to go on adventures in the nature and to let the road and the destiny decide where to go. We usually don’t plan our traveling so much. When you’re open to things happening along the way, the most amazing things usually happens. But if we had to choose just one of our adventures, it must be our trip to Norway. The mountains are so breathtaking even though we were about to die when hiking to the cabin on the mountain top were we were suppose to sleep, to make a long story short.

Tell us about your travel essentials, what can´t you live without?

Great headphones, books and the most important thing: a camera. An amazing book we just read is Shantaram. Tips tips tips.

Where are you going next?

We are heading to Tulum in Mexico with one of our best friends Maxinne in January. The thought of turquoise water is almost unreal when you’re looking outside the window right now.

What is the most fun about sharing your experiences on your blog and Instagram?

The response and comments. It is amazing to read. We love to share what we see and to take part of other peoples adventures.

What can we expect from your Odd Molly Instagram take over the next couple of days?

A glimpse of our - a little bit messy - everyday life


Summer is magic when camping under dalecarlian skies with these truly inspiring girls. All with their own unique personality and eclectic style, following their own passion and sharing the love for adventures. Together we went on a roadtrip to Gagnef in Sweden where we had a weekend of listening to music, hanging out in the sun and most importantly, danced all night long.

Arriving at Gagnef

Our home for the next few days.

Breakfast á la Eddie

Talented Eddie making us metabolic boosting cinnamon kale smoothies.

Gagnef style


Food tastes better when cooked and eaten outdoors.

dancing queens

Thank you Emma, Eddie, Zara, Hanna, Hilda, Michaela, Madelen, Thilda & Mira for making this weekend unforgettable.

Foto: Emma Svensson

Greetings from Tulum, Mexico

The best way to get around...

Snorkelling at Casa Conote. No one told us that there were crocodiles until afterwards...

Hanna on the beach in historic Tulum.

Unlike other Mayan ruins, this archaeological site is found on the Yucatan peninsula right by the water.

At leisure around the Maya ruins in Coba.

When the city was at its peak during the Mayan period, it is believed to have had almost 50 000 inhabitants.

Enjoying the views from the ruins in Coba!

Katarina on the beach in Tulum, on the Yacatan peninsula northeast coast.

Our favorite snack: coconut straight from the tree.

Awesome rawfood at Hotel Sanará in Tulum.

Sightseeing in Tulum.