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Our dedicated customer service is here to help you Monday – Friday 9.00–17.00 CET. If you can't get your question answered through our FAQ, you are welcome to email: or call us: +46-8-522 28 552

Odd Molly Club & Bonus

ODD MOLLY CLUB BENEFITS: All members of Odd Molly Club are VIPs. Our members receive everything from annual bonuses and points on all purchases to VIP treatment at different Odd Molly events. And, of course, they're the first we share our secrets with, the first to be invited to our previews, and they receive priority access to our sales.

As luck would have it, it only takes a second or so to become a member. Sign up straight away as you'll also get a welcome bonus of 1,000 points (SEK/DKK/NOK) 150 points (CHF/AUD) 100 points (EUR/GBP/USD/CAD).

• Points on all purchases • Bonus cheques • Annual bonus • Exclusive offers • Information first of all • Priority on sale • Invitation to events

THE MEMBERSHIP The membership is free and it always will be. The membership is valid in our Odd Molly stores and online.

To make it really easy for you, we decided not to have any membership cards. The only thing you need is to give us your social security number (Sweden) or your e-mail address (all other countries) when you shop and we will register your points for you. You can always check out your personal account and points on

As a member of Odd Molly Club you will receive special treatment when you shop in our Odd Molly stores.

THE BENEFITS INCLUDE, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: POINTS ON ALL YOUR PURCHASES Just give your membership number every time you shop in our Odd Molly stores and you will get bonus points. Even when you shop on sale. Purchases paid with gift cards will also get you bonus points, however not the purchase of a gift card.

BONUS CHEQUES When you have enough points you will receive bonus cheques that you can use for shopping in our Odd Molly stores and here at The bonus cheques will be sent to you every other month.

BONUS 1 SEK / NOK / DKK / CHF / GBP / EUR / USD / CAD / AUD = 1 point

POINTS SEK/NOK/DKK BONUS 2 500---------------100 5 000---------------200 10 000--------------400 20 000--------------800

POINTS USD/CAD/EUR/GBP BONUS 250---------------------10 500---------------------20 1 000-------------------40 2 000-------------------80

POINTS CHF/AUD BONUS 375-------------15 750-------------30 1 500-----------60 3 000-----------120 Outgoing balance will be transferred to the next period.

ANNUAL BONUS We want to give a little extra for the customers that have collected the most points during a membership year. This means that we give you an extra annual bonus on top of the bonus cheques that you have already received during the membership year.

The annual bonus is based on how much you have purchased during your membership year (please see the table below). The bonus cheque will be sent to you by e-mail and you can use it in all Odd Molly stores.

POINTS SEK/NOK/DKK ANNUAL BONUS 10 000--------------100 20 000--------------200 30 000--------------400 40 000--------------800

POINTS USD/CAD/EUR/GBP ANNUAL BONUS 1 000-------------------10 2 000-------------------20 3 000-------------------60 4 000-------------------80

POINTS CHF/AUD ANNUAL BONUS 1 500-----------15 3 000-----------30 4 500-----------90 6 000-----------120 MORE BENEFITS You will get exclusive offers, invitation to events, you’ll receive information first of all and priority on sale.

Welcome on board!


Our dedicated customer service is here to help you Monday – Friday 9.00–17.00 CET. If you can't get your question answered through our FAQ, you are welcome to email: or call us: +46-8-522 28 552
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