Odd Molly started as a tribute to Molly, a skater girl in Venice Beach in the ‘80s who followed her own path in life and dared to chase her dreams. Our goal is to inspire other girls to do the same. Collection by collection we are paving the way for more Mollys in the world - by helping girls to realize their most impossible, adventurous and “odd” dreams.

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Odd Molly reveals:


Watch Emelie Ekenborn fulfill her dream to fly as a Forest Dragon Bird - half woman, half bird.

"All over the world you’ll find myths about magical birds and dragons that guard the forests. They are powerful symbols of freedom, magic, boldness – and a contrast to the way we live today, separated from nature. My dream is to build a Forest Dragon Bird based on various mythological creatures and fly over the forest as half-woman, half-bird/dragon."
Name: Emelie Ekenborn
Age: 33
Lives: In Stockholm, Sweden
Present occupation: Set designer

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Graffiti artist EBBA CHAMBERT

By aiming to work exclusively with female artists, photographers, designers and musicians, each Odd Project simultaneously pave the way for other talented women in the world.

Meet the women who interpreted and helped bring Emelies vision, design and sketches of the Forest Dragon Bird and her costume to life!

Age: 25
Lives: Copenhagen
”I had problems with all my teachers in school except one, who understood that I could concentrate better when I was drawing. So I did 2 years in Gothenburg art school, but finally realized I don’t need recognition from any school or permission from anyone to do what I want. My first exhibition was at Urban Art room in Gothenburg, and shortly after I got to paint my first wall in Copenhagen. I was so thrilled I painted it non stop for 18 days in a row.”

See more of Ebbas work at www.ebbachambert.com

”What drives and inspires me is the meeting between man and the unknown”

Music by TULA

Tula is a Swedish art pop project, where each new song reveals an episode in a story. The main character in the adventure has the name Tula.

Led by delicate yet powerful vocals, the Berlin based Swedish quintethas a unique brand of combined organic and electronic pop.

Having formed following each of the members moving to Berlin individually within the space of a week, together the band converted an abandoned warehouse they stumbled upon into a private studio where they spent years perfecting their sound in front of live audiences. Since then TULA has become a steady fixture of Berlins club scene as well as performed live all around Germany and the rest of Europe.

Find out more at tula.nu


Age: 62
Lives: Stockholm
”Already as a teenager I began to sew clothes for friends, ”London style” – you couldn’t find much of that in Sweden back then. At the age of 17 I moved to Stockholm to get a proper education in tailoring. For a while, I worked as a model in Paris and in London, before I started my own ideas of fashion together with Vivianne Tvilling at the company “Kläder & Sånt” in Old town in Stockholm. Since, I’ve done everything from costumes for Ingmar Bergmans film ”Fanny and Alexander” to teaching and having examinations and screenings at Central St. Martins and Royal Albert Hall. But still continuously with fashion."

Ullrika Svalling


What has been most inspiring?
”It’s hard to tell. I’m 100% passion, and my work motto is ”Never give up”. Something new and interesting is always around the corner."


Age: 29 

Lives: Stockholm
What inspires you?
I am motivated by the things that provoke me and emotionally move me, such as injustice, prejudice and people that lack empathy. I find inspiration everywhere, from daydreams to everyday realities.
What other projects have you been working with?
I love working on projects! A few years ago, I participated in an exhibition with a photo project I did at an orphanage in Latvia. I have also travelled to Vietnam to photograph a story about women working in factories. I have battled mosquitos while shooting a feature film in the Swedish forest of Dalarna, and I have documented the lives of the people living in a small village in the mountains of Kurdistan.

See more of Annas work at www.annabergkvist.com

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