Comfortable knitwear in cashmere and lambswool

Knitwear, it’s hard for us at Odd Molly to think of something that we adore more. It’s a
material you can wear and love all year round, no matter what season it is. Feeling frozen
during a cold winter day? Just throw on one of our turtle neck cardigans that is going to hug
you for as long as you wish. Feeling a bit chilly during a cool summer night? Why not throw
on our timeless and most iconic piece Canna Cardigan?

We offer so many different styles of knitwear, with everything from discrete one-colored
sweaters with a classic fit and design, to multi-colored cardigans with stylish symmetric
patterns that blow you away with its vibrant colors. Some days you might feel like wearing
a short cardigan that helps you show off your true self, and some days you might feel like
curling up into a cozy long cardigan before taking on the streets of your favorite city.
Do yourself a favor, check out our fantastic selection of knitted garments, we’re sure that
you’ll find something that’s perfect for almost every occasion and weather. Happy browsing!