The Lovely Knit Jacket – A true Odd Molly classic

Lovely, lovely knit! The Lovely Knit Jacket is one of Odd Molly’s most iconic pieces, loved by
countless women all over the world. She’s been with us from the very beginning, so chances
are that you recognize her attributes by now – the unique patterns in a multitude of colours,
the straight cut design, the stylish collar and the knitted tie tapes at the front that can form a
cute little bow.
She may be a true classic knitted cardigan, but with each new collection we’re constantly
reinventing the Lovely Knit Jacket in new patterns, styles and materials.
Can’t get enough of the Lovely knit? Yeah, we can’t either. So, when we designed the Odd
Molly Home Collection, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to bring along the Lovely knit
love. This means that you won’t just find the classic jacquard pattern on our cardigans - our
ever-growing interior collection features a number of pieces inspired by our lovely favourite.
Why not wrap yourself in a blanket or bring some patterned love into your bathroom with a
bath rug and matching guest towels?