Use outerwear from Odd Molly to keep yourself warm

You get dressed, you leave your home and you think to yourself “Brr, it’s getting cold
outside!”. Freezing and feeling cold is not something that we at Odd Molly enjoy, and we’re
pretty sure you feel just like us. What we do love, however, are the amazing possibilities that
the cool weather brings. The cold seasons makes it possible for us to add extra fashion
pieces to our daily life to help us express ourselves and our feelings even more than before!
Before the cold winter strikes, one of our fashionable jackets made with 100% lamb nappa
might be perfect for you, or why not use one of our stylish wool coats?

When we think “outerwear”, we don’t only think of jackets and clothes, we also think of
accessories! Express yourself with one of our lovable beanies, pared with a lovely patterned