From Indonesia to Bhutan

A journey covering six countries started as a dream but became reality for the photographer, interior designer, and artist Amanda Moritz.

With a longing to experience new cultures, meet new people and live a different life for a while, Amanda Moritz dreamed of making the journey of her lifetime to celebrate her 30th birthday. One and a half years later, she is now in Vietnam - one of six countries planned for her trip, that started in Indonesia and will end in Bhutan.

Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, and Bhutan are my destinations. I chose a combination of destinations that I believe reflect me as a person, my interests and my job as an interior designer and artist. I have chosen each destination with heart and care, Amanda says.

She wanted to explore a different world both through her own eyes and her camera lens. But she also wanted to contribute and give back in some way.

I wanted to go somewhere where I could contribute to something and help other people. Therefore, I went to a high-poverty area in Cambodia where I worked as a construction volunteer and helped building a school, Amanda says.

On her work as a construction volunteer a grave tragedy occurred when the father of a little girl called Vin - a student at the school where Amanda was helping - fell from a roof and passed away. The father was the one providing for the family, so Vin, her siblings and their mother were left not just without a father and husband, but also without an income.

Amanda felt that she had to help and started a fund for the family on her Instagram account, and managed to raise SEK 20,000 in two days. That money will help the family for at least a whole year ahead.

After two weeks in Cambodia, Amanda’s journey continued.

So far on my journey, I have gained so many insights - big and small. One is that a smile can take you far when you don’t speak the local language. It opens up hearts and can create interesting meetings. But the biggest insight I’ve had is that memories are the biggest wealth. Gaining new friendships, discovering the wonders of nature, eating local dishes, explore new places and learn about new cultures, Amanda says.

Amanda Moritz is what we like to call a true Molly - always going her own way, following her dreams, and inspiring others all the while. This journey is no exclusion from that and we at Odd Molly are so inspired by Amanda’s courage, warmth and not the least - her amazing photographs.

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