Christmas Details with Helena

How do you turn Christmas into something special and unique? For Helena Christensen — supermodel and cherished photographer — it’s all in the details. Come along into her world and be inspired by Odd Molly styles that bring uniqueness to this festive season.

Unforgettable dresses for New Year’s Eve

There’s just nothing like this time of year. Wrapping up the old and entering the new with a sparkling evening full of bubbles, laughter, friends, and joy. What better way to begin 2022 than enjoying all these things while feeling fantastic in an unforgettable dress?

Let yourself be inspired by Helena Christensen’s favorite dresses for New Year’s Eve... Which one will you choose?

Dress for a rare Christmas

The way you dress is so much more than just getting dressed. It’s a portal into how you want to feel. Our precious Odd Molly Alva Dress was designed specifically with the festive season in mind. We want to give you that luxurious feeling, while letting you radiate beauty with a rare and unique vibe.

The Alva Dress comes in long and short, and it’s Helena Christensen’s favorite choice for this Christmas. “I decorate my home with antique handmade Christmas decorations and lots of pine and candles. I love wearing colors but even more so around the holidays “

Knitted love for gifting

Knits made with love are the coziest gifts we can give to a loved one! Helena Christensen likes to give gifts that are very personal. “I think about who the receiver is, what they love, what makes them happy. And I love wrapping presents beautifully adding glitter, flowers and pine cones…” We’ve designed the Odd Molly Smilla knitted styles with so much love! And of course, they’re all made with 100% organic cotton.

Cozy up in velour

There’s just nothing like feeling cozy in velour that’s also luxurious and feminine! What we wear — even when we’re just cuddling up in the sofa — helps us set the tone for how we want to feel during this festive season. This is what Helena picks for those moments that require elegant softness.

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