Environmental Responsibility

We hope that each garment we produce shall be loved and used for many, many seasons.

The textile industry has an impact on the environment, using a lot of water and chemicals. Odd Molly aims to be a sustainable alternative for our customers and continuously work towards improvements. We believe that even if there is a long way to go, a small step is better than nothing. One of our core values is that we don't design fast fashion — we hope that each garment we produce shall be loved and used for many, many seasons.

All Odd Molly’s suppliers must sign our lists of Restricted Chemicals, following the European legislation (REACH). To make sure that all suppliers are following the rules, we test our materials at accredited laboratories.

A challenge for the textile industry is the world's declining access to clean water. To contribute to a better and more efficient water management in the factories we use, Odd Molly was 2010 one of 34 Swedish companies who formed Sweden Textile Water Initiative together with SIWI, Stockholm International Water Institute. The project was a learning process around water issues in the supply chains of textile and leather retailers and it has given us deeper knowledge about how we can contribute to more sustainable water use. We also developed guidelines that address issues related to water efficiency, water pollution prevention, and wastewater in the supply chain.

The “STWI Projects” took place between 2015-2017. In a unique collaboration between the STWI-brands; SIWI and Sida, the suppliers got expert help on how they could improve their water usage and they also got relevant education. During this time, Odd Molly had seven suppliers in India participating in the project.

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Free 3-6 day delivery to Switzerland