Our Strategy

Odd Molly is a brand with a mind, a heart, and a conscience.

Our sustainability strategy is based on the saying that Odd Molly is a brand with a mind, a heart and a conscience.

Odd Molly makes a positive difference and will always be inspired by, and fight for, more Mollys in the world.

Odd Molly wants to help its customers to dress more sustainably and offers a distinctive design concept with sustainable materials, high quality, and longevity. As little impact as possible — as long of a lifespan as possible. Encourage reuse and recycling.

Odd Molly wants to fight for the right of women to decide how to live their lives and contribute to society. A society where women feel a sense of freedom and dare to follow their dreams through self-sufficiency, freedom of expression and accepting diversity.


Odd Molly wants to influence its partners, employees, and society in a positive way by actively taking responsibility. Long-term, trusting relationships with partners and employees that create value for those around us.

Read our full sustainability report here.

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Environmental Responsibility


Free 2-5 day delivery to Faroe Islands

Free 2-5 day delivery to Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands
Faroe Islands