Animal Welfare

When using materials that come from animals, we must make responsible choices.

• Odd Molly does not use what is classified as ”real fur”, only skins from animals that have been bred for the food industry. Examples are skin and fur from sheep, goat, cow, alpaca and reindeer.

• Odd Molly is since November 2012 a member of "Fur Free Retailers program".

• The merino wool yarns used by Odd Molly are mulesing-free since it comes from South Africa, where the method "mulesing" not is used.

• We do not accept live-plucking of down feathers. Our down suppliers are certified by IDFL.

• Since we do not accept harmful shearing methods of Angora rabbits we have decided to exclude angora yarns from our collections.

Swedish Fashion Council
Djurens rätt
Fur free retailer

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Free 4-7 day delivery

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