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As the Data Controller, Odd Molly Sverige AB works to ensure your privacy is protected when using our services. We will therefore in this policy explain how your personal data will be processed and protected.
Odd Molly Sverige AB respects your integrity and you right to control your own personal data. Our guided principles are simple. We will be open and transparent with the data we collect and why. We will furthermore do everything in our power to protect your data.
In Odd Molly’s privacy policy we will inform you what kind of information we collect from and about you, for what purpose the information is being collected and in what way you can keep control over your own data and, obviously, how to contact us. This privacy policy applies when using apps, e-commerce, webpages, and services that are included in an app or on a website managed by Odd Molly Sverige AB. Odd Molly Sverige AB is responsible for the personal data that is collected in accordance with these terms and is responsible for processing according with applicable data protection legislation, which also includes, the EU General Data Protection Regulation and any subsequent legislation replacing or supplementing the above.
When referring to in this privacy policy, we include the following sites: our mobile app,,,,, and

Odd Molly Sverige AB collects data if you are a customer or if you sign up to our communication channels. Our definition of a communication channel is when you are asked to fill in your contact details. Examples of personal data we collect is your name, contact details i.e. phone number, email address and physical address. In Sweden we ask for social security number as well. We may update your details from other public registers, in Sweden that could for instance be Statens Personadressregister (SPAR), if that is necessary in order to ensure that the information we get is accurate.
We may collect information in connection with: a) Notification of a service offered through the various platforms offered by us. b) When you enter your social security number, e-mail address or your mobile phone number on the website. c) Updating your information on My Pages found at d) If you contact us via email, by phone, our websites or through any of our social media accounts. e) If you sign up to our newsletter or become a member of Odd Molly Club. f) Your visit to our, the information we collect includes but does not limit to traffic data, location data, weblogs and other communications data, such as the IP address, type of device, operating system and browser type used for the visit.

When asked to give your consent by ticking the box ‘I consent’, or a similar tick box, you consent to personal data such as your name, phone number, email address, that you register on different places on our web services and apps can be used in marketing purpose of the service exposed to where you are asked to fill in your personal information. We also collect your IP-address, geographical location and interests in order to ensure that our marketing activities that are sent to you will be as relevant as possible and thus hopefully match your needs.
By browsing you consent to Odd Molly Sverige AB have the right to add a third-party cookie on your computer. This cookie registers your online behaviour in order for us to provide you with relevant marketing.

Odd Molly Sverige AB processes personal information mainly for the purposes stated below and for any additional purposes stated at the time of collection:
a) To fulfill orders for services through one of the platforms offered by Odd Molly Sverige AB; b) Ensure good customer service, for instance managing your requests, correcting incorrect information or sending information you requested e.g. newsletter; c) Information about an order of a service is stored and used as the source for offers, discounts, promotions and marketing of both general and targeted nature; d) In order to manage customer profiles, conduct analyzes and market research; e) For system administration and for obtaining statistical data about the behavior and patterns of our users, this is mostly done at an aggregated level; f) To develop, deliver and improve our products and services through analysis of your behavior on our websites and apps. g) Personal data is also used for analysis in order to develop targeted offers and services h) To send you information and promotions via SMS, email, app, push or other digital contact channels, such as social media since you have an active customer relationship with us; i) To be able to contact you via app, SMS, email or post about offers, promotions or services that we believe may be of interest to you. Please note that you may decline this promotion at any time; j) In order to provide you with relevant recommendations, offers and customized services based on what other people with similar behaviors have been interested in, what kind of service you’ve chosen to use, looked at and shown interest in; k) To help us develop to be more useful and to enhance your user experience of the platforms offered through us by customizing the display of the services to the device being used; l) To be able to send important messages as communication about changes in our terms and policies;

We may share information with other companies that process data on our behalf in order to perform our services, for example: shipping, analysis or other services to maintain and apply our terms of use and delivery terms. However, all handling of personal data always ensures high security and confidentiality.
The company only collaborates with partners handling personal data within the EU/EEA or with companies that maintain the same level of protection as in the EU/EEA by, for example, by signing EU Standard Contractual Clauses.
Odd Molly Sverige AB reserve the right to transfer any personal data we hold about you in the event that we merge with or are acquired by a third party or become the subject of any other business transaction such as a reorganization, or if any such transaction is proposed.

When you use our site and app, personal data may be collected via cookies. This is done when continuing browsing This will store the information about your use and the pages that you’ve visited. This could be technical information about your device and internet connection such as operating system, browser version, IP address, cookies, and unique identifiers. When visiting our websites where our services are provided, different techniques can be used to recognize you in order to learn more about our users. This can be done by either our own cookies or through the use of third party technology.

By submitting information to Odd Molly Sverige AB, you allow us to register and store information about which service you’ve purchased and processing the personal data for the specified purposes. As a legal basis for this processing, Odd Molly Sverige AB will refer to compliance with contract, legal obligation, legitimate interest or consent. If we use legitimate interest as a basis, it will only be done for the purposes stated above. Please note that you can at any time withdraw your consent by contacting us, for contact details, see the heading How to contact us.
The processing will be done in accordance with applicable data protection legislation and means your personal data is not retained for a longer period than necessary for the purpose of the processing. Odd Molly Sverige AB will store your personal information as long as you are a customer with us. Personal data will be erased when they are no longer relevant or necessary for analysis or direct marketing for the purposes for which they have been collected, or when you unsubscribe to newsletters or withdraw your consent by contacting us. For contact details, see the heading How to contact us. Some information may be retained longer when required due to other legal requirements, such as the accounting law. However, all handling of personal data always ensures high security and confidentiality.

You have rights when it comes to your personal data and you are able to control your information and what information is being stored by us. We will, on our own or your initiative, rectify data that is found to be incorrect. You can also at any time request to have your personal data deleted or object to its use by contacting us (for contact see the heading "How to contact us"). If you believe that we do not respect your rights, please contact us or you can contact your local Data Protection Authority.
You can at any time refrain from receiving marketing communications from us by emailing our support and "unsubscribe" from the email and SMS communications that we send you. You are also always welcome to contact our customer service to help you decline our communication.
Finally, you have the right to receive information about what personal data Odd Molly Sverige AB have stored about you. In order to this, please contact us via the contact information you find below.

In the event that our site contains links to third party websites, or materials published by third parties. As Odd Molly Sverige AB has no control over the content of these websites or its materials, we cannot take any responsibility for its content. We are also not liable for any damages or losses that might arise from the use of these links.

To make card purchases with us as secure as possible all information is sent in encrypted form. This means that the information is passed through a secure connection and that your card details cannot be read by unauthorized external parties.
All customers paying by card are subject to validation checks. Odd Molly Sverige AB reserves the right to delay any order if fraud is suspected. For security reasons, we do not store any payment information in our database.

Without limiting your rights as a consumer under the laws of your country, The Privacy Policy & Security, as well as all disputes or claims arising in connection with The Privacy Policy & Security, shall be governed by the laws of Sweden. Disputes arising in connection with the Privacy Policy & Security or use of the Website shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Swedish courts.

For further information about personal data management or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at:
Odd Molly Sverige AB
Kornhamnstorg 6, 111 27 Stockholm, Sweden
This privacy policy applies from March 31, 2021


Our customer support is available Monday to Friday, except for Swedish public holidays. At the moment we have longer response times than usual. We will get back to you as soon as we can.



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